Queens of the Stone Age
Queens of the Stone Age

Paradiso - Amsterdam (Holland) - 2002 - 76 x 56 cm - Signed P/P Edition - Silkscreen Print - by Justin Hampton

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This poster was originally designed for the bands December 2nd 2002 date in Amsterdam. The show was cancelled and I offered to make the changes on the poster to make it usable for thier date in Tokyo on January 14th, 2003.

The only copies that were printed with the Amsterdam date are the small amount of ones that went to the promoter in the Netherlands and some printer test proofs that I have. The full run wasn't printed yet, just the promoter copies. I made the minor changes of the date and show info and made the band/ management happy that the poster got used on an actual date.

These are not the same print quality as the Tokyo prints. They are printer test proofs, but are available for the collector who must have every piece of the puzzle. They are signed by me and marked p/p.