David Bowie
David Bowie (BELWAY)

C.W. Mitchell Pavilion - Woodlands (USA) - 2004 - 76 x 57 cm - Signed & Numbered A/P Edition of 25 - Silkscreen Print - by Jermaine Rogers

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  • These posters are official limited-edition concert posters signed and numbered by the designer of the poster. Most posters are silkscreened prints, and in some cases, digital offset prints. All posters are officially commissioned either by the band, the venue or the promotor of the concert.
  • Gig poster Art or so-called Rock Art has a long tradition starting back in the sixties by artists like Stanley Mouse, Wes Wilson or Victor Moscoso. This tradition developed from xeroxed punk poster in the eighties into limited prints runs in the early nineties by artists like Frank Kozik and Coop.
All posters are in a near mint or better condition unless otherwise indicated.